Follower Crafting System Update

May 20, 2024

Contents Followers to Forge: Crafting System Updates •   Background         ○  Forward and Back Again         ○  What is Crafting?•   Building The Forge         ○  How does it fit?         ○  What did we do?              ♦  Refine              […]

May Events

April 27, 2024

With 3.0 behind us, let’s look at what is happening across Etheria in May! Adventures: 29th April – 2nd of May: Rune Hunters 3rd – 12th: Dragonking’s Prize 6th – 10th: To Your Doom 12th – 13th: Wizards Circle 14th – 19th: Unicornucopia 19th – 21st: Gong’s Sushi Surprise 22nd – 26th: Adventure Calling 26th […]

Update 3.0: A Broken Dream Patch Notes

March 21, 2024

Pierce the veil of the Dreamhold once again and check out what’s coming in Puzzle Quest 3 Update 3.0!

The Gear Rework

March 18, 2024

Contents What are we trying to do? What is the Gear Rework? Quality Battle Scrolls Honing New Resource: Aether Follower Updates Salvaging Updates Gear Vault Compensation/Transition FAQ Yes, you read that right – the time has come for the official Puzzle Quest 3 Gear Rework! Quick note before we get started though- while we would’ve […]

Update 2.5: Immortal Wounds – Patch Notes

January 18, 2024

This updated releases on Tueday January 23rd at 00:00 UTC The Season begins at daily reset (00:00 GMT) on Tuesday 30th January Values in bold are affected by the rarity or element of the item. Fathomless Shields Shield of Corruption When taking damage to Life, gain 1-6% this items Element as Damage Resistance. It will […]

Update 2.4: The Poisoned Sea – Patch Notes

November 13, 2023

Contents New Season: The Poisoned Sea New Items Legendary Item New Spells New Minions New Skins: Pirate Berserkers New Look Boss AI Changes Versus Updates Profile Frames Chat Emojis Gear Score Updates in Story Introducing: Merchant Vault Adventure Update: Boosters Quality of Life & Miscellaneous Bug Fixes Known Issues This update releases on Tuesday November […]

Update 2.3 Watchers in the Stars – Patch Notes

September 18, 2023

Contents New Season: Watchers in the Stars                  New Items                  Legendary Item                  New Spells                  New Minions                 […]

Update 2.2 Dark Paths Travelled – Patch Notes

July 27, 2023

Contents New Season: Dark Paths Travelled New Items Legendary Item New Spells New Minions New Skins: Trarg Regalia Tasks Menu Advent Calendar Versus Improvements Adventure Improvements Other Quality of Life Bug Fixes Known Issues This update releases on Tuesday August 1st at 00:00 UTC The Season begins at daily reset (00:00 UTC) on Tuesday August […]

Happy Console Launch Day!

May 31, 2023

It gives me great pleasure to announce Puzzle Quest 3 is officially out now on console! We’re excitedly celebrating Puzzle Quest 3’s arrival on Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PlayStation®5, and PlayStation®4 today! So I wanted to take this moment to give all of our players a quick personal message. We couldn’t have done this […]

Preparing for update 0.38

October 22, 2021

  Hello Adventurers!   In our next update, game version 0.38, we have made some changes to Events. This was based on feedback that the Event Dungeons and Daily Sieges took too long to complete, and weren’t distinctly different from other game modes. We will outline the details of these changes in the 0.38 Patch […]