February Community Update

February is here along with our monthly Community Update! With February being such a short month, we thought it might be an excellent month to follow up on the plethora of changes we rolled out in January!

Last month we introduced a new way to play Puzzle Quest 3 with Action Points. We’re happy to see that you folks are enjoying the new game mode and have been providing us with some great feedback to help us iron out the creases.

First – We want to say it was so great to see you folks out there in our community and game chat sharing advice on tuning your builds for Action Points! It’s definitely a bit of a shift from Timer, but you folks have really been breaking this mode open and working out the best ways to tackle it and that’s been awesome to watch!

We learned from a lot of your feedback last month as well as keeping a close eye on some of the stats coming out of battles. Our goal, as always, is to make sure the game is challenging but definitely fun.

The very first thing we noticed is that players very early in the game were getting hit a little hard. The prime culprits were the Ogre (because his spell was just busting right through health bars) and our very, very old, generating friend, the Troll. So we tweaked those two quicksmart and got that change out the door while we did a bit of a broader rebalancing of the early game where we were seeing too much of the ‘challenge’ part of our goals and not enough ‘fun’! 

We’ve also been listening hard for feedback on how a lot of our existing items, spells, and enemies are getting on in the game and have made adjustments as necessary. We appreciate you folks keeping us up to date!

Now that the early game looks pretty good, we’re keeping an eye on balance throughout the rest of the game, particularly some things that look suspiciously like difficulty spikes in the mid-to-late game stages. We’re looking at you Scorch!👀

Kingdom Changes

Another big change we introduced by VERY popular demand in January was Kingdom Overkill. Though in its early iteration, we’ve already seen a fair amount of feedback, particularly regarding the current state of Kingdom Defense.

A lot of the discussion around this internally has been focused on finding the right balance so that Kingdom members don’t feel limited in build crafting or punished if they’re not a heavy hitter compared to others. We’re only in the early discussion stages at this point, however, we are considering options like a Kingdom Defense practice mode or further adjustments to the Dragons to help find a suitable balance. We’ll update you with more information in the future! 


No mode has been more talk of the town than PVP. We’ve heard from you loud and clear about build crafting, rewards, and matchmaking in PVP, with a desire for more out of the experience. 

Rest assured, we’re actively reviewing and hope to address PVP in big ways  in the future and this will likely take place across a couple of updates.   We hope to have a little more information to share about this soon, but want to take the time to acknowledge that we do see your feedback and agree! 

The Future

Some of you may be wondering “what’s next on the roadmap?” for Puzzle Quest 3 after Action Points. Well, we’d like to ask that you wait just a little bit longer… We have some Very Big Plans for 2023 and we want to make sure we’ve got our laser sights pointed in the right direction. 

We are beyond excited and will be sharing soon!!!

Thanks again for tuning into the (mostly) Monthly Community Update Blog! Definitely check back next month for some more info on the road ahead and to celebrate our first birthday with us!

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