Paladins: Masters of Protection

We previously dug into the development process of how Infinity Plus Two evolved Puzzle Quest RPG gameplay with the 5 playable classes in Puzzle Quest 3. Today we do a deeper dive into one of the game’s most stalwart defenders and holy warriors, the Paladin.


Puzzle Quest 3 Male Paladin

Paladins hail from the Agarian kingdom of Siria. Their auras of defensive magic protect them in battle making them perfect for players who like to tackle battles slow and steady. By reducing incoming damage from opponents, they are difficult to defeat but must choose when to strike or counter-attack wisely in order to balance their rigor.

Elemental Masteries

Puzzle Quest 3 Paladin Purge Spell

In Puzzle Quest 3 each class has two specific elemental strengths called masteries. A Paladin’s primary mastery is Light and their secondary mastery is Fire. Having these masteries at higher levels gives your spells more power. Stacking extra Light and Fire spells into your loadout can increase those masteries and your damage output even more!


Puzzle Quest 3 Male Paladin

When starting with any class in Puzzle Quest 3, you’ll be given three different starting spells that highlight the specialties of your selected class. Two normal spells and one Ultimate Spell will be found in your spell book. 

Normal spells are powered up by matching gems of the same colors, while Ultimate Spells are powered up by matching any gems on the game board. Ultimate Spells also have 3 charges, becoming more and more powerful as it continues to power up! All Ultimate Spells create special gems unique to their class. 

The Paladin specializes in mitigating damage and then counter-attacking with spells so you’ll see below how those traits are reflected below. 

Smite deals direct damage to your opponent while at the same time creating yellow gems on the board. This latter part of the spell is very helpful for the next of the Paladin’s starting magical abilities, Purge.

Purge is a lighter damage spell that amplifies its damage based on the yellow gems in play. It can also destroy gems, allowing you to power up other spells you might have equipped.

The final starting Ultimate Spell for the Paladin is the Defensive Aura. Casting Defensive Aura creates Shield Gems, which will be critical in harnessing the power of the Paladin. Shield Gems do a few different things:

Shield Gems match with Yellow Gems. This is useful to help power up yellow spells of your primary mastery, like Smite

  • When matching Shield Gems, they’ll also destroy all gems in a column, generating extra mana and granting a Barrier. Barriers will reduce the next damage received by 50%. Be sure to time the use of Shield Gems to create barriers carefully as this can be the defining factor in battle!
  • For each Shield Gem on the board, all damage the Hero receives is decreased by 10% up to a maximum of 80%.

That wraps up our primer for what you can expect when playing the Paladin class, but of course, there are many more spells (21 for each class) you can find on your travels – some of which will activate special effects if Shield Gems are in play.  The Paladin is a very engaging class with lots of spell synergies to uncover and exploit.

Will you take up the mantle of this holy warrior?

Harness the power of light and save Etheria from the encroaching darkness? Be sure to don your armor and ready your sword as your story awaits you in Puzzle Quest 3!

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