Update 0.35.1 technical patch

Bug Fix Update 0.35.1 (Patch Notes)

Greetings, adventurers! In preparation for 0.36 we are releasing some bug fixes. There aren’t any big new changes in this update, however, we’ve noticed some of the reports you’ve made and addressed a few issues. Thank you for your hard work ferreting out bugs and letting us know about them!

What’s different?

Thanks to your ongoing bug reports and feedback we have addressed a number of things in the game where:

  • Mana was not filling spells when matching mana gems if starting mana for a spell was at 1. This is now fixed.
  • Menu layout issues (and cut off graphics) on wide screen devices are fixed.
  • The issue where Bounty Goals to ‘level accessories’ were not completing after accessories were levelled has been fixed.
  • White squares will no longer show over spell slots when the spell image doesn’t load.
  • The Dungeon of Wealth Altar was not giving the correct Gold as displayed. Gold now matches the Gold displayed.
  • Fixed a bug affecting Party or “Co-op” battles where there was a small chance a server error would appear if an altar was selected at the same time by two players after a battle. This server error will no longer affect two players selecting the same altar.
  • Player deaths no longer count towards Bounty Goals for killing Enemies.
  • Sound effects now occur for the new Victory, Defeat and Chapter complete animations. There is also a new sound for when Gems fall in.

Known issues

  • The player profile preview pop-up may not update with another player’s information.
  • Some single-player battles may still have server crashes when selecting Altars.
  • Starting Mana in battle may not accurately reflect what your character stats suggest, due to a Starting Mana % rounding issue. We have fixed this issue in the next Game Update; Version 0.36.

Where is the game going next?

Our next Update 0.36 is already in development and features a number of big changes – including:

  • Store Chests even if your Vault is full
  • A rework of Dungeons & Skirmishes
  • New Shop packs
  • A shiny, completely new feature…

And one last thing…

Puzzle Quest 3 is beginning a small technical test on iOS devices in select areas. There will be a very limited number of players able to access the technical test at this time, as we want to ensure it is working optimally before further release. When we are happy with Puzzle Quest 3’s performance on iOS we will provide further information on how to access it.

Happy matching, questers!