The Gear Rework

Yes, you read that right – the time has come for the official Puzzle Quest 3 Gear Rework!

Quick note before we get started though- while we would’ve loved to have gone into as much detail as our Spell Rework blog, given that the release of 3.0 is right around the corner, we wanted to focus on getting the information out to you folks in a timely manner.

So, this blog will give you the details, the FAQ, and a bit of a light explainer of where we were coming from, with the rest of the 3.0 Patch Notes to follow later in the week!

What are we trying to do?

In a nutshell, we’re trying to both simplify things, and make sure it always feels fun to get Gear no matter where you are in your journey!

Our goals were:

What is the Gear Rework

The basic idea should be pretty straightforward:

You get Gear → You replace it as you find better Gear


Stats and Attributes will fall within a range based on an item’s Rarity. This is referred to as “Quality.”

This is not so much a change to the types of numbers you’d see associated with Gear, just a more visible gauge of how good the number on the stat/attribute is within the possible range.

Note: This does not have any impact on gameplay.
They are just words that are used as shorthand for the upper range of Mythics due to the size of the range.

Battle Scrolls

Much like Spells, we’ve removed the need to Level-up specific items by essentially transferring those Levels over to 3 new Battle Scrolls:

Item levels have been consolidated into 3 Battle Scrolls per Hero:


Individual items can now be Honed! Honing an item uses Runes and Relics to improve the core stat and all the attributes on an item by a small amount.

Think of Honing as though you are sharpening your blade or polishing your shield!

Items of different rarities can be honed different amounts:

Items of different rarities can be honed different amounts:





1 Uncommon


2 Rare

1 Rare


3 Epic

2 Epic


4 Legendary

3 Legendary


4 Mythic

4 Mythic


4 Mythic

4 Mythic


4 Mythic

4 Mythic


4 Mythic

4 Mythic


4 Mythic

4 Mythic


4 Mythic

4 Mythic

New Resource: Aether

Aether is a new crafting resource and is collected from Salvaging Rare or better items

Follower Updates

Toragon, Gemka, and Soulchaser have all had 3 crafting options added.

Follower Crafting will be updated further in Update 3.1

Follower LevelAbilityCost
30Craft Random Epic Weapon or Shield/Accessory/Armor20 Aether
40Craft Random Legendary Weapon or Shield/Accessory/Armor100 Aether
50Craft Random Mythic Weapon or Shield/Accessory/Armor500 Aether

Salvaging Updates

With the removal of Levels from Gear pieces, the chance of getting the Rune or Relic from a salvaged item is now based on the item’s primary stat, Quality, taking into account the Rarity of the item.

Generally, the better an item is in comparison to other items of its rarity, the better the chance of salvaging the Rune or Relic

A set amount of Aether is Salvaged from Rare or better items

Salvaging a Honed item will return the materials used in Honing that item.

Gear Vault

The Items in the Gear Vault have had their display updated to reflect the system changes


All of your Gear will be converted straight to the new system. 


I have…
A Level 47 Savior’s Locket
A Berserker at Level 50
A Shaman at Level 35

My Berserker will have a Level 47 Utility Scroll, and my Shaman will have a Level 35 Utility Scroll.