Update 3.0: A Broken Dream Patch Notes

    • Matches with Green
  • When matched, randomly either gain a random Buff, or inflict a random Debuff on the enemy for 3 turns.

Gem of Dreams will spawn normally when fighting all Fae type enemies

Variant Gear Pieces are Gear pieces with a twist!


Gain 1-6% Power for each Positive Status Effect on you per Fae-Touched gear equipped

Variant Gear can be found in Season 3.0 Caches

At start of battle, convert 3 Green Gems to Gem of Dreams with a 70-100% chance to create an additional 3 Gems of Dreams

“A remnant of the first dragons who came to Etheria”


Values in bold are affected by the Spellbook Level or Rarity of the Spell.

Explode 3 Gems, then convert 2-8 Green Gems to Gems of Dreams

Conversion increases with Spell Rarity

Deal X Dark damage, +15-27% extra for each negative status effect on the enemy

Dark Damage increases with Spellbook Level, Extra Damage increases with Spell Rarity

Might: 8-160    Speed: 5-100   Cunning: 2-40

  • Versus Spell: Burning Wishes (60 Mana)
    • Deal X Fire damage. If the enemy is already Burning, explode a random Red Gem


Might: 3-65    Speed: 10-200   Cunning: 2-35

  • Versus Spell: Invoke Dream (60 Mana)
    • Deal X Dark damage and spawn 2 Gems of Dreams.

“The Dreamhold has an intoxicating effect upon those who venture in… Better just lean into it.”

The Gear Rework is finally here!
You can read all of the details in our Gear Rework Blog post!

We have heard your feedback, and have made the following adjustments to Versus Tourneys!

We don’t want to bring back the One-Turn meta, however we also don’t want players being forced to spend large amounts of turns trying to maximize their bonus to be competitive. By having a steeper penalty for longer battles, we aim to make the decision of which goals to target per battle more interesting.

Update 3.0 will be our first new update introducing new Achievements for all platforms. There are 5 new achievements that are being added, which are:

Rest assured that if you have already completed Season 1 and Season 2, then Divine Intervention and Apocalypse Then will unlock automatically when you first run the 3.0 update.

Cartographers of Etheria have finally finished the most detailed map of Etheria so far. The world map has been completely overhauled to provide 4x the detail of the previous world map, along with being able to take a closer look at any point of the world map.

We have also added in some new Goals to complete in Season 3.0 and later, including:

Heading for QOL & Miscellaneous
Heading for Design & Balance
Sub-Heading for Gameplay
Sub-heading for UI
Sub-heading for Other bug fixes
Heading for Bug Fixes
Sub-Heading for Gameplay
Sub-heading for UI
Sub-heading for Other bug fixes
Heading for Known Issues