May Events

With 3.0 behind us, let’s look at what is happening across Etheria in May!


29th April – 2nd of May: Rune Hunters

3rd – 12th: Dragonking’s Prize

6th – 10th: To Your Doom

12th – 13th: Wizards Circle

14th – 19th: Unicornucopia

19th – 21st: Gong’s Sushi Surprise

22nd – 26th: Adventure Calling

26th – 29th: The Coin Collector

28th May – 2nd of June: The Saviors Footsteps

Events, Giveaways & Login Rewards:

29th April – 5th of May: Golden Week. Be sure to log in daily to collect your Golden Week rewards, and destroy Light Gems to claim some extra Light gear!

30th of April – The Final chapter of Season 3.0 A Broken Dream unlocks today.

14th of May – 3.0 A Broken Dream, Hard difficulty unlocks

21st of May – 3.0 A Broken Dream, Elite difficulty unlocks

28th of May – 3rd of June: Festival of Saviors event! There will be more information on this soon.