Character Introduction: Brie

Role in party: Farmer


Brie loves the cows, and the cows love her.

It’s a deep bond, quiet at times but profound all the same. After all, Brie hails from a long line of cow herders, so ranching is in her blood. Brie’s mother had first given her a flock of sheep, then goats when she’d proven herself, before finally trusting Brie with the cows that would be her future. Brie would do anything for them, and had for several years. She’d helped deliver their babies, bottle-fed the calves that were rejected, tended wounds and brushed a plethora of colorful coats.

Ranching is a hard life, one constantly on the move. Brie herds her flock over the mountains each and every year in the pursuit of greener pastures. Dangerous too, the number of monsters growing every passing season. The first time an Ogre had dared attack her flock Brie had been terrified. It easily dwarfed her, massive and foul, but she’d stood her ground all the same. She fought the fear in her heart with a deep breath and climbed onto the back of the biggest, fiercest bull – named Slate, after his pitch-black coat – and rode him into battle.

Over time Brie put together a suit of patchworked armor, crafted from the leather of cows that passed away. They protect her now as she had protected them before. It is bittersweet wearing it, but she is safe and grateful all the same.

Sometimes she gets lonely. It’s a solitary life out on the range, and though it suits her well enough, sometimes she thinks it would be nice to cook for company. To share meals around a campfire with people she loves, or even just some companions she happens across on her travels. But alas, there are not many Humans, Elves, Minotaurs or even Beastskin in these parts, just wolves, goblins and the occasional troll.

This night, like every night, Brie tucks herself into Slate’s side, finding comfort in his steady heartbeat and warm fur. He is not human, but he is good company, and he will keep the worst of the night’s chill at bay.

Brie doesn’t mind. He has protected her since she was a child, and she will protect him until he passes from this world to the next. Besides, the silver against his ink-black hide looks like the stars she falls asleep beneath each night. 

Over time, we will introduce various characters and heroes in the world of Puzzle Quest 3 in these short story segments.