Follower Crafting System Update

May 20, 2024

Contents Followers to Forge: Crafting System Updates •   Background         ○  Forward and Back Again         ○  What is Crafting?•   Building The Forge         ○  How does it fit?         ○  What did we do?              ♦  Refine              […]

Character Introduction: Brie

August 25, 2021

Role in party: Farmer   Brie loves the cows, and the cows love her. It’s a deep bond, quiet at times but profound all the same. After all, Brie hails from a long line of cow herders, so ranching is in her blood. Brie’s mother had first given her a flock of sheep, then goats […]

Character Introduction: Northelm

August 11, 2021

Role in party: Guard   Troy stirs, and Northelm stirs with it. His bed is small, house modest, but he thinks this just might be heaven. The open window beckons in the smell of fresh baked bread, a clear sign that the baker’s had been hard at work through the dawn, and the sun’s light […]

Character Introduction: Mutiny

July 21, 2021

Role in party: Locksmith   The sea is calm, the sky is clear, and a crisp north wind blesses the horizon. Perfect sailing weather, the kind a seafarer of disrepute can only dream of, if only Mutiny could enjoy it. A good a day as any to die, she thinks to herself. The deck of […]

Character Introduction: Xione

June 30, 2021

Role in party: Spellcrafter Xione is minding her own business when her idyllic afternoon is ruined. Maybe she had been busily researching deeply forbidden knowledge about necromancy, the kind that was seen as an affront to nature, but who was anyone to judge her? They didn’t know what she was planning to use it for, […]

Character Introduction: Gong

June 16, 2021

Role in party: Bard The metal shrieks in Gong’s mouth. The sound is pretty, but not as pretty as the one the windchimes had made on their own. That’s okay, Gong knows that the more windchimes he eats, the better his voice will become. Maybe if he eats enough windchimes he will also be able […]

Character Introduction: Toragon

April 14, 2021

Role in party: Armorer Toragon looks down at the horseshoe, ruined beyond repair. He swears bitterly under his breath, raises an arm thickly corded with muscle, and once more brings down his hammer with terrifying force. BANG! The sound of metal on metal rings through the forge. Toragon remembers the proud face of the Knight […]

Character Introduction: Eveline

April 7, 2021

Role in party: Seneschal Eveline locks the door softly behind her. Her room is as she left it, run down but neat, scrolls spread across the desk and cracks in the walls. She turns the letter over in her hands, fingers lingering on the edges. Deep in her chest Eveline knows it to be bad […]