Character Introduction: Mutiny

Role in party: Locksmith


The sea is calm, the sky is clear, and a crisp north wind blesses the horizon. Perfect sailing weather, the kind a seafarer of disrepute can only dream of, if only Mutiny could enjoy it. A good a day as any to die, she thinks to herself.

The deck of the Vengeance is empty of all but her. The ship’s course is true, but Mutiny knows it’s near impossible to run a war frigate without a crew. She will do her best alone, hoist the sails, steer the ship, wash the deck, and if she’s lucky it will be enough to see her to port. Mutiny doesn’t love her chances, she’s had her fair share of luck in her lifetime, more than any one person deserves.

She can hear them stirring, her crew… Well, her old crew, locked away as they are deep below deck. She can hear their fingernails clawing desperately at the hull, cries dull and pained, the groaning keeping her awake each and every night. Their affliction had taken them suddenly, skin turning cold and hunger growing voracious. In three days her crew of misfits had become Undead. Mutiny had never seen anything like it, and Mutiny had seen a lot in her time. But she knows better than anyone that lingering in dread would only prolong her suffering, so there is little to be done but push on.

Mutiny sighs before breathing in deep, savouring the smell of the sea. Yes, a fine day to die indeed, on the open water after a life well lived. In theory it’s simple, all Mutiny needs to do is make it to port, but she’s far from home and the sea is much like herself, quietly treacherous. But if she can make it, she might just survive. She could find a new crew and enlist their help in dispatching the hungry dead howling deep within the bowels of her ship.

Mutiny pushes herself from the railing and walks with a quick, commanding clip to the helm.

She lays her hands on the wheel and steers the Vengeance home.

Over time, we will introduce various characters and heroes in the world of Puzzle Quest 3 in these short story segments.