Character Introduction: Gong

Role in party: Bard

The metal shrieks in Gong’s mouth. The sound is pretty, but not as pretty as the one the windchimes had made on their own. That’s okay, Gong knows that the more windchimes he eats, the better his voice will become. Maybe if he eats enough windchimes he will also be able to chirp their pretty song. After all, you are what you eat! At least, that’s what Drong had always said, and Drong was the strongest Ogre to ever live. 

Gong likes this, and the other Ogres do too, but Gong wants more. Eating is fun, and wrestling too, but more than anything Gong loves music. Ogres and music mix like tar and honey, his ma always says, but Gong doesn’t mind the taste of tar and honey! And if Gong thinks that tar and honey mix, why not Ogres and song?

Gong has eaten many music makers in his life. Boxes made of wood and strings, thin metal tubes filled with holes, and even the odd bard. Gong’s lungs are strong and his passion mighty, but he still wants to be better, to be the best!

Gong wants his song to be like those bards, but eating them doesn’t seem to be helping anymore. Maybe he needs a teacher. Someone whose lungs are stronger and passion mightier than his own. He doesn’t know where he would find a teacher, most music makers (the fleshy kind) run at the sight of an Ogre, but that won’t stop him! And in the meantime, his voice is already pretty, and he can keep raising it to bring up the spirits of the Ogres around him!


Over time, we will introduce various characters and heroes in the world of Puzzle Quest 3 in these short story segments.