Character Introduction: Toragon

Role in party: Armorer

Toragon looks down at the horseshoe, ruined beyond repair. He swears bitterly under his breath, raises an arm thickly corded with muscle, and once more brings down his hammer with terrifying force.


The sound of metal on metal rings through the forge.

Toragon remembers the proud face of the Knight Captain, disdain twisting her features. She’d looked down on him, she’d always looked down on him…


Again and again and again. Toragon strikes the horseshoe until his brow beads with sweat and muscles seize. Toragon remembers the chill in her voice, the finality of her statements. “You’ve failed, Toragon. How many times must you fail until you realise you will never be a knight?


When Toragon’s rough hands start shaking, fingers too numb to grasp the hammer any longer, he throws it across the room. With a dull clang it disappears in the shadows that gather in the corners of the Forge. His whole body hurts, chest heaving, but the pain will never match the one of never being a knight. Of his dream being completely and quietly ended. 

Toragon’s eyes burn, but he refuses to cry. There is still work to be done, even if it isn’t work he imagined as a child. If he will never be a knight then he will find another way to make himself useful. Toragon’s father had always told him to never smith when angry, and he is so far past angry that his rage has made him blindingly empty. First, he will sleep. Tomorrow, he will begin unravelling his grief. Then, if fate permits, he will find some small happiness in his work. 

Toragon leaves the forge as the twisted horseshoe remains atop the anvil, unsalvageable. 

Over time, we will introduce various characters and heroes in the world of Puzzle Quest 3 in these short story segments