December Community Update

December is here with our final Community Update blog of the year.

We’ve had such an incredible year and are grateful for our passionate community. To show some appreciation to our players, we’ve been doing a little gifting this month!

Throughout December, we’ve been giving away some physical merch every Friday across our social channels. So if you want your chance at getting an excellent bit of Puzzle Quest 3 merchandise, follow us on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook and answer the Friday Seasons Givings question to win.

That’s not it, though. Some may have noticed that we’ve been bringing the joy of giving into the game! 


You’re Our Greatest Adventure

Adventure has been out for a few weeks now. We’re very happy that you folks seem to be enjoying it and the feedback we’ve been getting, both positive and constructive, is great!

Some of you have mentioned that Adventure has a lot of potential and that you’d love to see more features added to it. You’re right!

From playing with it, you’ve probably guessed it was quite a big system to put in place with a lot of different directions it can go. What we have right now is a very solid scaffolding that allows for Etheria to be our oyster!

First up on the agenda is expanding the number of modifiers we can use, such as persistent health to give some more options for play. But we have more plans for more extensive game modes in future and I happen to know our Lead Engineer Josh is very keen on mini-games. 👀👀👀

We’d like to give you a bit of a roadmap for Adventure specifically in the near future. So keep on sending that feedback through! 


A New-Old Way To Play…

The new year draws close and change is in the air!

We emphasized when we announced Adventure that we were looking closely at our OG Puzzle Quest roots. We have taken this even further with Update 1.5. We will give you a full explainer in the new year before we release Update 1.5, but for now, we can say that we feel it’s an option for play that will really… Turn the tables.


Kingdom Changes

We’ve had a bit of a look at Kingdoms to finish out the year. These will be coming after 1.5 in update 1.5.5 (projected release in mid-late January). Because these changes obviously affect large groups of players working together, we would like to give you a full and very thorough run down of those changes as soon as we are back in the new year.

You can expect this Kingdom Update blog on the 4th of January 2023. We’d hate to Overkill this blog.

CX Round Up!

The CX team made sure we updated you on some of your top issues before we close out the year:

  • Turn 0 Wins in PVP
    Some of you have reported that certain gear was allowing for Turn 0/Turn 1 wins to occur in PVP and rightly pointed out this is a balance issue (and kinda just not fun), so we’ve implemented a solution:
    From the 1.5 Patch Notes:
    “Any items that give Starting Mana as part of their abilities are now included as part of the 80% Starting Mana cap that applies to Attributes.”


  • Set Bonuses On DLC Items
    This has been an outstanding question for quite a while now. The issue we run into with set bonuses on DLC Items is that we prefer not to have additional power bonuses to come from game content that can only be accessed via a purchase. We feel that all content in the game should be available for all of our players.
    As such, we will be renaming these items so that the distinction between them and our existing items is clear. We will bear this in mind to avoid such confusion in future and wish to thank everyone who has purchased this DLC for your patience and understanding.


  • Reforging Could Re-Roll Identical Traits In Different Slots
    We actually added a change in 1.4.5 that ensures at least one attribute has to be different, it just got missed off the original 1.4.5 patch notes. Sorry about that! We have added this in!


  • Inventory Space
    Old buddy Northelm is going to help us out here. From Update 1.5 he’s being given the ability to make new inventory slots for Gear, Minions and Spells as needed. More details to come!


The Mushy Stuff

As the year comes to a close, I would like to personally thank our CX Team. You see them in the forums, answering support tickets and they work hard to coordinate with the development team behind the scenes letting them know what’s on your minds and passing on all the feedback that has really helped us improve the game over 2022.

We absolutely could not do this without them, so a huge thank you to Kafka, Jeto, and OminousGMan.

Signing Off!

We also need to thank you folks, out there in our community!

This has been a huge year for us on the PQ3 team and we really appreciate that our community is out there with us in always pushing the game to be better. Your support really does mean the world to us and we are looking forward to continuing this journey with you in 2023!

On behalf of the development team at Infinity Plus Two and their friends at 505 Games-

❄️Happy holidays and have a wonderful new year!❄️


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