June Events


26th – 29th May: The Coin Collector

29th May – 3rd of June: The Saviors Footsteps

4th – 8th: Borderlands Bash

7th – 11th: Dawn Circuit

10th – 19th: Dragonking’s Prize

19th – 23rd: In the Summertime

24th – 27th: Rune Hunters

28th of June – 2nd of July: To Your Doom

Events, Giveaways & Login Rewards:

29th of May – 4th of June: Festival of Saviors event!

10th – 16th: King’s Birthday

19th – 23rd: Midsummer

18th of June – 21st of July: Summer Festival

This is the first chance players will get to collect Event Rewards that were introduced in 3.1.

During this period you will be able to earn the Summer Festival currency by completing tasks, playing through adventures and daily log in rewards, which you can then spend in the Summer Festival shop!

Updates & Seasons:

29th of May: Update 3.1 releases

4th of June: Season begins

18th of June: Chapter 2 unlocks

Please note: All dates are in UTC