Update 3.1.5: The Forge – Patch Notes



Our new Forge System is finally here! It was a very extensive change to our Gear Crafting Followers (Torgaon, Gemka, and Soulchaser), so we gave it its whole own post!


With all the changes to Gear and Spells, it was definitely time to update our Quest Pass and Daily Login Rewards!


                           ♦   Updated Quest Pass rewards will begin with Quest Pass Reset on 11th June UTC

          •   Free Pass Reward Track Updates:
                                           ○   Level 30: 200 Shards → 50x Spell Pages
                                           ○   Level 40: 250 Shards →  1x Follower Crystal
                                           ○   Level 45: 1 Follower Crystal → 1 Epic Relic
                                           ○   Level 50: 1 Epic Relic → 1 Legendary Item
          •   Premium Pass Reward Track Updates:
                                           ○   Level 1: 1 Random Epic Minion → 1 Legendary Item
                                           ○   Level 15: 1 Epic Relic → 100 Spell Pages
                                           ○   Level 25: 1 Legendary Relic → 1 Legendary Item
                                           ○   Level 35: 2 Legendary Relic → 1 Armor Glyph
                                           ○   Level 40: 1 Armor Glyph → 1 Accessory Glyph
                                           ○   Level 45: 1 Accessory Glyph → 1 Weapon Glyph
                                           ○   Level 50: 1 Weapon Glyph → 1 Mythic Item

Note that Spells and Items awarded are non-Seasonal Spells and Items.


          •   Daily Login Rewards Updates:

                                           ○   Day 14: 1 Follower Crystal → 1 Epic Item
                                           ○   Day 21: 1 Epic Relic → 1 Follower Crystal
                                           ○   Day 28: 1 Follower Crystal → 1 Legendary Item

Note that Spells and Items awarded are non-Seasonal Spells and Items.


•   Adventures now support different rewards per difficulty in Reward nodes
•   Ancient Coins now have a weekly cap of 420 Coins, which resets each week (Tuesdays at 00:00 UTC)
•   Implemented a tutorial for the Spell rearrangement functionality in the Inventory

•   When auto-unlocking Achievements, they will now unlock in order, rather than randomly
•   Added loading screen to Hunts, Skirmishes, and Dungeons from battles menu, as well as to Season and Adventures to that the World Map is not loading in the background

•   Updated appearance of Chest slots to include their Dungeon/Skirmish icon, and removed unnecessary text
•   For Adventures with Persistent Health, you can now Revive in the post-battle results screen
•   Added upgradable icon to items that can be Honed
•   Future and past rewards in special event Tasks can now be selected to show the Task requirements
•   30 Days of Crowns will no longer appear in the Featured tab of the Shop if you have an active subscription with more than 5 days remaining
•   When purchasing a specific Spell, the number of Pages is now shown as part of the description on the confirmation menu (i.e when purchasing a Spell for Seasonal Currency or Ancient Coins from the Season reward tab)
•   Daily Deals and Kingdom Bazaar deals now appear as the smaller, stacked display
•   Moved reset timer from each Bazaar deal to a single timer display
•   Follower Adventurer’s Guide now has a ‘More Details’ button which links out to the Help Center article on Followers
•   Adventurer’s Guide buttons now scale up instead of down when highlighted, to match similar functionality in other parts of the game

•  To assist with thermals on overheating devices:
                          ♦   The variable frame rate on iOS is more aggressive – it drops to 15fps when playing with a 30fps cap, 20fps with a 60fps cap
                          ♦   Consoles now have the option to play the game at 30fps. This will help with overheating issues for players who are using their consoles in warmer environments
•  Steam now has better frame rate options when playing on monitors above 60Hz
                          ♦   In these instances, 60fps and 30fps modes are not v-synced and two additional v-synced modes are offered
•  Added support for purchasing multiple of certain Shop products and flash offers that were not supported before. Examples include:
                          ♦   Random Items, Spells, and Minions
                          ♦   Season Currency
                          ♦   General offers without a choice with more than one stock available
•  Offers with remaining stock will now remain on screen after purchasing them
•  Purchasing Spells from the shop will no longer give Spells you own at Ancient Mythic (or that already have enough pages for Ancient Mythic)

Heading for Bug Fixes
Sub-Heading for Gameplay

•   Fixed heal effect on Vampiric Touch to be based of final applied damage
•   Variant bonuses no longer count the same Ring twice
•   Adventure auto-progress fixes:
                          ♦   Conversations can now progress into a battle costing energy if there is enough available
                          ♦   Camera updates correctly after skipping a Merchant node or clearing a Blocked node
                          ♦   Continue panel will now update after a conversation when there is a choice of next steps
•   Fixed Disease causing an error when applied to an opponent with no spells

Sub-heading for Visual Bugs

•   The bonus percent on post-battle rewards now showing the correct number
•   Updated Crocolisk and Dunestalker Bestiary previews
•   Fixed rendering issues in Lava Crater area
•   New areas should no longer show an error related to “environment previews”
•   Some character physics were either not functioning at all or not working correctly in Conversations
•   Fixed lower quality display images throughout the Shop Menu
•   Fixed scaling of Player & Enemy turn effects so that they will be a consistent size, regardless of screen resolution
•   Fixed Energy count on the Continue button in Adventures not including purchased Energy

Sub-heading for UI

•   The 9→1 & 1→9 Sort options in the Vault Filter now sort consistently
                          ♦   Items: Sorts by the Quality
                          ♦   Spells: Sorted by the Rarity
                          ♦   Minions: Sorted by Level
•   Fixed highlight display of rewards in Adventure. It now matches the background of the icon 
•   Fixed cache display in Daily Siege and Event Dungeons being squished
•   Fixed spell sliding across the screen when dragging it all the way to the right edge of the screen
•   Fixed stretched target icon when viewing buffs and debuffs in the Adventure

Sub-heading for Other bug fixes

•   There is a fix for some devices with Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processors that were crashing 
                          ♦   Note: This may result in impacted performance. We are looking at a broader fix for this in an upcoming update
•   Some Xbox users were experiencing loud fan noises because the game would incorrectly activate 120fps mode even if it wasn’t selected
•   Fixed an issue with Account Registration where if the email was not validated before the registration link expired, the email could not be used to register an account later

Heading for Known Issues

•   Leaving game in background causes black background
•   Inconsistencies in Spell Rush application
•   Minions resting cannot be skipped with Food
•   Starting Mana Minion Debuff not applying in Versus
•   Game intermittently softlocks at end of Coin Collector Adventure