Necromancer: Death Becomes You

Puzzle Quest 3 Necromancer Female

In our previous blog entry, we took a step into the world of primal magic and learned the strange eclectic ways of the Shaman, the fourth playable class in Puzzle Quest 3. In this next installment, we’ll be entering the mysterious undead realm of the Necromancer, the fifth and final playable class in Puzzle Quest 3.

Puzzle Quest 3 Male Necromancer

Finding refuge in the Borderlands and calling the chilly citadels of Skelheim their home, Necromancers learn to master the mysterious ways of both ice and death magic. In the past, they often served the powerful Daemon, Lord Bane, but they’ve lightened up a little since then, and not all of them are cold and cruel.

Similar to the Shaman, a Necromancer’s power comes from building up mana at a steady pace and then carefully casting spells in a particular order to deal with a foe in one fell swoop. This makes them ideal for players who like to be patient and methodical about how they plan their of attack for a climactic finish. 


Elemental Masteries

puzzle quest 3 necromancer dark spell

The Necromancer’s primary mastery is Ice (Blue), with their secondary mastery being Dark (Purple). Having the right combination of elemental gear will increase these masteries making blue and purple gems more effective. We’d also recommend the Bone armor set with their bonuses that bring in more pain with skull bonuses to compliment the Necromancer’s Ultimate Spell. To improve these masteries even further and increase the output of damage, be sure to add extra ice and dark spells to the loadout of your hero.

Puzzle Quest 3 Female Necromancer Selection Screen


As we’ve mentioned many times in our past blog entries, all classes in Puzzle Quest 3 are granted two normal spells and a single Ultimate Spell at the beginning of the game. These spells vary and showcase the unique attributes of each chosen class.

We mentioned the Necromancer’s steady gameplay earlier and that is made evident with their two starter spells. The Necromancer can siphon life from their foes while at the same time arranging the board in their favor to take down the final dangerous foe with a single spell. 

Chill Touch is an elemental damage spell that allows you to deal ice damage to an enemy while at the same time converting yellow gems on the board to blue gems. This gives the Necromancer the ability to gain mana back quickly by making more blue gem matches so they can cast the spell again. This reflects how the Necromancer can control the board.

The Necromancer’s second spell, Soul Siphon, allows you to heal any physical damage that has been inflicted while at the same time dealing dark elemental damage to an enemy. In addition, the dark damage is boosted by the number of skull gems on the board. This synergizes extremely well with the classes Ultimate Spell, Death Lance.

Casting the Necromancer’s Ultimate Spell Death Lance creates Death Gems (the more charges the Ultimate has, the more Death Gems it creates). This is critical in harnessing the true power of the Necromancer. Death Gems do the following:

  • Death Gems can’t be matched with any other gem. Death Gems are activated by tapping or clicking on them. When this is done, Skull Gems are created. Each Death Gem has the ability to create 2 to 4 Skull Gems when activated. This pairs exceptionally well with the Necromancer’s spell Soul Siphon as Skull Gems boost its damage output, leading to an extreme amount of elemental damage dealt in one hit, followed up by matching the Skull Gems for a powerful melee attack.
  • Death Gems are very powerful. Use the Death Gems whenever you can to create more skull gems to empower spells like Soul Siphon! They are beneficial in longer fights, such as Dungeons, but you need to get Death Gems on the board to activate their effect and work in your favor, so timing is critical. If done right, almost the entire board can be filled with skulls when activating Death Gems for some insane power output.

puzzle quest 3 necromancer death gem

Now the time has come to conclude this final chapter in our introductory lesson for what you can expect when playing the Necromancer class, but of course, throughout your travels, you’ll discover many more spells to fill your spellbook (12 for each class) – some of these will mix well to show other unique properties of the Death Gem if it’s in play. The Necromancer is a mighty class that gives you plenty of options to combine your spells in many ways to defeat an opponent with a single deadly stroke.

Will you take up the mantle of this dark mage?

Harness the power of death and siphon the life from the darkness that threatens to destroy Etheria! Be sure to ready your rituals and raise the dead as you prepare for Puzzle Quest 3!

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