Quality of Life Adjustments

Hello Adventurers,

We are constantly reviewing players’ experiences and we have found some areas we can improve. These are some smaller changes we are able to make prior to our next major update, which we will be releasing with further QOL improvements based on the feedback from the Community!

  • Extra shards in all quest rewards.
  • Extra shards will now drop from chests.
  • The cost to speed up Follower missions/crafting has changed from 30 to 20 Gems per hour.
  • The cost to speed up Minion missions to open Chests has also changed from 30 to 20 Gems per hour.
  • Added extra crystal rewards in Follower side quests – basically every second quest or better.
  • Chest-rarity drop rates have been changed in all game modes. More Ruby and Diamond chests, fewer Wooden Chests.
  • Lots of minor tweaks to chest drops. Mainly more items used for evolving Gear and Spells (eg. Scrolls, Runes, Relics) from dungeon chests & more shards from skirmish chests.
  • The difficulty of Dungeons at the end of Quests early in-game has been eased.
  • Dungeons and Skirmish battles in the Battle tab have had a difficulty reduction on Easy or Medium.
  • Chapter 15 now gives a Legendary Bloodfang Shield.
  • Lots of minor changes to shop packs. Mainly increasing stock & making Keys and superior Shards cheaper.
  • Daily Deals have had some weighting adjustments & extra crystals added.

Also, we have officially spent our first month back in Etheria! Thank you for being on this journey with us, we look forward to all the adventures to come.