1.4 Additional Changes and Fixes

November 3, 2022

We have a few updates to the 1.4 release of PQ3 today. Let’s get the bad news out of the way on the first 2 items, and then the good news to follow up:¬† Tier 1 Relic Crafting Cost Increase:¬†Eveline will now cost 750 Gold (up from 500 Gold) & 150 Ore (up from 75 […]

Fixed – Missing Accounts & Game Progress

October 12, 2022

Hi Adventurers, Today at 11:50am AEDT there was a critical database error which meant that players couldn’t log into their game accounts. We had to load a database back up to solve this issue. The back up is from 11:30am AEDT. This means there was a downtime of close to 2 hours and if you […]

Update 1.3.0 Hotfix

September 8, 2022

Due to several players on Android being unable to play due to a salvage error causing the game to lock, we temporarily removed the Overflowing Vault error message. A fix has now been released so we will be turning the Overflowing Vault error message back on at Daily Reset Tuesday 13th September 00:00 UTC However!We […]

Broken Tree Chapter 2 Story Script

July 22, 2022

Hello Adventurers, Unfortunately, there was an issue where chapter 2 of the Broken Tree Season story was missing from the game. We have fixed this issue, however if you played through the chapter before the fix went live you can still read it here in the PDF linked below so you don’t miss out on […]

1.1.1 Hotfix Patch Notes

May 19, 2022

Season Dungeons now require at least one Dungeon from the Season to be beaten before Loot Tickets can be used on them in the Battles tab of the Season menu. Some players may need to complete the dungeon battle again if they have not beaten it recently.  Updated the Game Icon Certain Status Effects now […]

Quality of Life Adjustments

April 8, 2022

Hello Adventurers, We are constantly reviewing players’ experiences and we have found some areas we can improve. These are some smaller changes we are able to make prior to our next major update, which we will be releasing with further QOL improvements based on the feedback from the Community! Extra shards in all quest rewards. […]

Update 0.38 Hot-fix released

October 28, 2021

A Hot-fix for update 0.38 is now live. This is a technical patch which also includes some small bug fixes including: Fixed an issue where Blinding, Burning, Freezing, Hexed, and Poisoning Hit Battle Modifiers in Live Events were applying all the time, rather than 50% of the time as the description says. Increased the duration […]

Changes to Dungeon Marks

October 25, 2021

Hello Adventurers! In update 0.38 (which is coming very soon!), we have made changes to Dungeon Marks: ‘Dungeon Marks’ will now be referred to just as ‘Marks’. Marks have been removed from Dungeon Rewards. The ability to Empower Dungeons for extra rewards has therefore also been removed. As well as the ability to upgrade your […]