Update 1.3.0 Hotfix

Due to several players on Android being unable to play due to a salvage error causing the game to lock, we temporarily removed the Overflowing Vault error message.

A fix has now been released so we will be turning the Overflowing Vault error message back on at Daily Reset Tuesday 13th September 00:00 UTC


We will also be adding additional vault space when this change goes live.

Heading for QOL & Miscellaneous
Sub-Heading for Gameplay
  • Autoplay would do nothing if there are no moves currently available, as the AI would not forcefully end the turn. It will now End Turn if there are no moves available.

Sub-heading for UI

    • Info pop ups are now available for Gear, Minions and Spells in Reward menus
    • Added Gear Type to inventory filter
    • Battles tab in the Archive now displays Ancient Coin reward amounts with the daily cap considered
    • Minion Spell icons in the versus panel will now display their spell tool tips
    • Salvage warning is no longer shown when salvaging a single item
    • The filter button to the side of gear popups by default will filter to gear of that type
    • Updated quick rarity selection buttons in the Mass Salvage menu to better match new rarity display
    • Added Gear Score display to Follower Side Quests
    • Mass Salvage button added back in
    • Rarity color tinge added behind the level display on gear, spells and minions, to help reinforce their rarities. 
      • Please note, we will be doing another pass on making spell rarities clearer in the next major update.
Heading for Bug Fixes
Sub-Heading for Gameplay
  • Ancient Coins earned via loot tickets do NOT count against the daily cap of 30 coins (05/07/22)
  • Using the text filter in the Tavern > Minion Vault would not filter the results.
  • Fixed ‘Requirements Invalid’ error when canceling a mission

Sub-heading for UI


    • Dreamhold Pledge and Dreamhold Walkers descriptions mismatched
    • Spell tooltips not appearing when an effect was playing over the top of the spells
    • Mass Salvaging Minions wasn’t updating the display
    • Loadout dropdowns are not working in various game menus
    • Fixed header bar being visible in the swap hero menu when opening it from the quest pass or shop.
    • At times when returning to the anchor menu, the chat icon can incorrectly show a pip indicating 9 new messages, even if there aren’t any
    • Fixed issue where minion sprites would disappear in the season shop
    • ‘Take Me There’ button on Overflowing Vault was inactive
    • Debug Performance information should no longer be displayed
    • Overlapping ? icon in Skirmish UI
    • Fixed incorrect frame used in the Gear Set Details menu
    • Fixed Minion spells not showing anything when tapped/clicked
    • Moved Tourney Reward pip to the left side of the tile so it no longer overlaps info button
    • Fixed Minion stat display in the Tavern menu using incorrect backgrounds
    • Fixed debug text in Tavern > Minions > Mass Salvage menu
    • Fixed salvaging in the inventory when owning a larger amount of items causing a soft lock on low-end Android devices
Sub-heading for Visual Bugs
  • Minion Spell display in the Tavern now match the new spell icons
  • Android performance improvements
  • Removed ‘\’ characters from various lines throughout the game in non-english languages.
Sub-heading for Other bug fixes
  • Fixed PvP environments not being unloaded after a battle
  • Join Kingdom notification now won’t appear until level 10
Heading for Known Issues
    • Salvage UI fails to load after dismissing the warning ‘unable to salvage last weapon’ pop up message
    • Global Mail with No Rewards still shows Rewards to Collect
    • Sound effects delay in sped up battles
    • PQ3 is Darker on some HDR monitors
    • Tall Dwarf’s friends have been located in PVP enemy positions and will be removed in update 1.4