Update 0.38 Hot-fix released

A Hot-fix for update 0.38 is now live.

This is a technical patch which also includes some small bug fixes including:

  • Fixed an issue where Blinding, Burning, Freezing, Hexed, and Poisoning Hit Battle Modifiers in Live Events were applying all the time, rather than 50% of the time as the description says.
  • Increased the duration of the applied statuses from the aforementioned Battle Modifiers, as with the exception of Burning, the status would drop off of the Hero at the start of their turn, which is immediately afterwards.
  • Fixed an issue with the Regen status effect which was restoring the incorrect amount of health each turn.
  • Fixed a display issue where the incorrect amount of Marks was displayed in the shop
  • Fixed issue with Tourney tutorial showing at the wrong stage, causing the user to restart