Shamans: Infectious Energy

What has gameplay so intoxicating that leaves enemies green with envy? Our Shaman of course! In the previous class exploration blog entry, we delved into the shadows learning the ways of the cunning Assassin. In this next chapter, we’ll be stepping into the world of primal magic and learning the ways of the Shaman and how they use their unique mix spells to maximize their infectious gameplay. PUZZLE QUEST 3 FEMALE SHAMAN Hailing from the southern jungles of Etheria, the Shaman possesses a strange eclectic mixture of buffs and curses, making them feared yet revered by their people. Their knowledge of the primal forces allows them to weaken the resolve of their foe, while at the same time becoming more and more powerful as they build up their mana. A Shaman’s power is drawn from the careful application of curses (Bad Juju) onto their foes. This makes them ideal for players who like to control the confrontation at a steady pace – carefully selecting when to apply a curse and then making its target pay a heavy toll when it’s time for the perfect strike.

Elemental Masteries

The primary mastery of a Shaman is Poison, with their secondary mastery being Light. Combining the right elemental gear to increase these masteries will make green and yellow gems more effective. If you want to increase these masteries further and improve both your damage and healing output even more, be sure to add extra poison and light spells to the loadout of your hero.


As we’ve discussed in past blog entries, all classes are granted the ability to use two normal spells and a single Ultimate Spell at the beginning of Puzzle Quest 3. These spells vary and showcase the unique attributes of each chosen class. The Shaman is a specialist at ramping up damage, creating opportunities to quickly take down a dangerous foe, particularly with green spells. You’ll see how those traits are reflected below. Poisonous Toads is an elemental damage spell that allows you to deal poison damage to an enemy, while at the same time creating green gems on the board. This gives the Shaman the opportunity to make green gem matches more often and to gain mana back quickly to cast the spell again. This reflects the ability the Shaman has to control the board. The Shaman’s second spell, Scorpion Juju, synergizes well with this and many other spells. It inflicts Bad Juju on a target for a few turns. This Bad Juju makes an enemy take 25% extra damage from all sources. In addition, it has a percentage chance to convert all blue gems on the board into skull gems every time it is cast. This is extremely helpful for increasing the damage of the Shaman’s Poisonous Toad ability as well as damage dealt by matching skull gems. The combination of these two spells can be quite deadly and scales well throughout the game. Now we’ve come to the final starting ability; the Ultimate Spell for the Shaman is Good Juju. Casting Good Juju creates Juju Gems (the more charges the Ultimate has, the more Juju Gems it creates). This is critical in harnessing the true power of the Shaman. Juju Gems do two different things:
  •       Juju Gems can be matched with green gems. Doing this will generate extra mana and create a Power 3 green gem for each Juju Gem matched on the board. This is extremely useful to help collect mana quickly for green spells of your primary mastery such as Poisonous Toads.
  •       Juju Gems when matched also empower any active Bad Jujus effects by 10 to 30%… permanently – for all foes in the current battle. This gives you the ability to deal an ever-increasing amount of physical and elemental damage to your foe as the battle wears on. It’s very powerful, particularly in longer fights such as Dungeons, but you need to get the Bad Juju effect on your enemy for it to work so timing is key.  Be sure to use the Juju Gems whenever you can to create more green gems and empower your Bad Jujus!
Alas, the time has come to conclude our introductory lesson for what you can expect when playing the Shaman class, but of course, throughout your travels, you’ll discover many more spells to fill your spellbook (12 for each class) – some of these will mix well to show other special properties of the Juju Gem if it’s in play. The Shaman is an extremely fun class that gives you plenty of options to combine spells to weaken your opponent and defeat them with ease. Will you take up the mantle of this jungle mystic? Harness the power of primal magic and cure Etheria of the darkness that threatens to infect it! Be sure to ready your spear and mix your poisons as you prepare for Puzzle Quest 3! Join in the conversation via our Official Community channels: