Update 2.3 Watchers in the Stars – Patch Notes

September 18, 2023

Contents New Season: Watchers in the Stars                  New Items                  Legendary Item                  New Spells                  New Minions                 […]

Fall Community Blog – Roadmap Update

September 13, 2023

Okay, so why do the Roadmaps change? What are we doing with the Roadmap moving forward? What’s coming up? Spell System Rework A Brave New World (Map) Gear System Rework My Little Minions But, Wait! There’s More! Signing Off (For Now) The (very) long-awaited Roadmap blog is finally here! Thanks for your patience while we […]

Update 2.2 Dark Paths Travelled – Patch Notes

July 27, 2023

Contents New Season: Dark Paths Travelled New Items Legendary Item New Spells New Minions New Skins: Trarg Regalia Tasks Menu Advent Calendar Versus Improvements Adventure Improvements Other Quality of Life Bug Fixes Known Issues This update releases on Tuesday August 1st at 00:00 UTC The Season begins at daily reset (00:00 UTC) on Tuesday August […]

Update 2.1 Necrotic Tomes – Patch Notes

June 14, 2023

Contents A Short Summer New Hero Class: Warlock Warlock Gems & Spells New Follower: Resh New Season: Into the Dreamhold New Items Legendary Item New Spells New Minions New Skins: Dreamhold Berserkers Season Archive Menus & Inventory Rework Inventory Rework Salvaging Battle Menu Hero Menu QOL & Miscellaneous Bug Fixes The Season begins at daily […]

March Community Update

March 14, 2023

Happy March Adventurers! Puzzle Quest 3 is officially celebrating its 1 Year Anniversary with an abundance of announcements and goodies. We’ve got a lot of things to cover, so without delay, let’s dive into loads of exciting news! We’re coming to console! Mark your calendars folks, Puzzle Quest 3 is officially making its way to […]

Update 2.0 The Fallen Star – Patch Notes

March 10, 2023

Contents New Season: The Fallen Star New Items Legendary Item New Spells New Minions New Skins: Corrupted Dragonguard Anniversary give-away Adventurer’s Guide Adventure Improvements Introducing Enemy Gems Introducing Corruption Gems Quest & VIP Pass Update Quest Pass Rewards Tutorial Update Create Hero Changes Quality of Life & Miscellaneous Undo Button in gameplay Balance UI Bug […]

February Community Update

February 20, 2023

February is here along with our monthly Community Update! With February being such a short month, we thought it might be an excellent month to follow up on the plethora of changes we rolled out in January! Last month we introduced a new way to play Puzzle Quest 3 with Action Points. We’re happy to […]

Update 1.5.5 Patch Notes

January 20, 2023

Contents Story Flow Updates Splitting Chapters Story Chests Introducing: Story Caches Kingdom Updates Kingdom Defense: Overkill Kingdom Bazaar Changes QOL & Miscellaneous Bug Fixes Note: The release of Update 1.5.5 has a release window between Tuesday 24th January UTC and Tuesday 31st January UTC due to local holidays and pending final approvals In order to […]

New Game Mode – Action Points

January 6, 2023

Many of you would have noticed that we’ve been taking steps through updates and new features to drive towards what we feel is a more authentically Puzzle Quest experience. This probably the biggest change we’ve made to the game since launch. We’ve introduced a new way to play Puzzle Quest 3 – through the use […]

Update 1.5 Dragons of Light – Patch Notes

Contents New Season: The Dragons of Light New Items Legendary Item New Spells New Minions New Skins: Scavenger Shamans New Game Mode: Action Points Follower Updates Game Flow & Tutorial Updates Other Enemy Spell Functionality Speed Adjustments QOL & Miscellaneous Adventure Controller UI Other Bug Fixes Known Issues The Season begins at daily reset (00:00 […]