May Community Update

May 12, 2022

Updates, Roadmaps, and future changes coming to the Puzzle Quest 3 community! Our first official Puzzle Quest 3 update landed just last week, bringing exciting new content, a new hero class, and new features. With many more updates planned for the future, we’re starting a new initiative to keep our community informed as Puzzle Quest […]

Update 1.1 The Mines of Khazdhul – Patch Notes

April 28, 2022

It has been a very big couple of months since launch! We’re very excited to bring you our first update to Puzzle Quest 3 introducing some huge new features, new content and of course, quality of life changes. The Mercenary class will become available upon daily reset on 3rd of May 2022 The Mercenary is […]

Delving into Etheria II: Gearing up and Dungeon Crawling

April 26, 2022

Demystifying the Gear and Dungeons in Puzzle Quest 3 What gear does my hero need? How high should my gear score be? Where can I go to level up? We know that both gear and dungeons can seem a bit overwhelming sometimes. There are a great many numbers of ways to gear up and go […]

Delving into Etheria: A helpful guide to Puzzle Quest 3

April 20, 2022

Arm yourself with these useful tips to make your journey through Etheria even more enjoyable Puzzle Quest 3 expands the world of Etheria in many ways from its predecessor. With countless dungeons to tackle, challenging enemies and a huge treasure trove of unique items, it can easily take a little getting used to for first-time […]

Necromancer: Death Becomes You

April 11, 2022

In our previous blog entry, we took a step into the world of primal magic and learned the strange eclectic ways of the Shaman, the fourth playable class in Puzzle Quest 3. In this next installment, we’ll be entering the mysterious undead realm of the Necromancer, the fifth and final playable class in Puzzle Quest […]

Quality of Life Adjustments

April 8, 2022

Hello Adventurers, We are constantly reviewing players’ experiences and we have found some areas we can improve. These are some smaller changes we are able to make prior to our next major update, which we will be releasing with further QOL improvements based on the feedback from the Community! Extra shards in all quest rewards. […]

Shamans: Infectious Energy

March 17, 2022

What has gameplay so intoxicating that leaves enemies green with envy? Our Shaman of course! In the previous class exploration blog entry, we delved into the shadows learning the ways of the cunning Assassin. In this next chapter, we’ll be stepping into the world of primal magic and learning the ways of the Shaman and […]

World-Wide Release Hotfix Patch Notes

March 15, 2022

Hello Adventurers, Today we released a hotfix to help resolve the issues that players have encountered in Etheria over the last week. As mentioned in our Week One Recap post, we are continuing closely monitoring every aspect of the game – from community discussions, to player feedback. Rest assured we are still working to address […]

Puzzle Quest 3 Week One Recap

March 12, 2022

Hey Puzzle Quest Fans, We hope you’ve been spending this past week enjoying Puzzle Quest 3 and the many new features, stories, characters, and adventures that this reimagined Etheria has to offer. Not only have five centuries passed since the events of Puzzle Quest 1 and 2, but we’ve spent several years working on this […]

World-Wide Release Patch Notes

March 1, 2022

To avoid disrupting the flow of a new player experience, Preregistration Rewards will be available in your in-game mail inbox from Level 5. Most players reach this level quickly (generally within the first day), so you should receive your rewards very soon! One of the biggest visual updates to Puzzle Quest 3 that brings our […]